Feel the bite

Our flagship 609MH rod is designed with for durability and performance. To start off, we use 24/30 high modulus carbon fiber. Our rod is carefully crafted with an aggressive medium heavy spine that can handle bigger fish and a sensitive tip for jigs, crankbaits, etc. It’s paired with our S3000 reel equipped with high quality, stainless steel ball bearings that provide a smooth retrieve.

Slims down to 1/3 of it's size

Our 6'9" telescopic rod collapses down to 22" making it easier to carry in a car, backpack, or airplane. Pre-tie your favorite rig and place it on the hook keeper before heading out to your favorite fishing destination and enjoy more time catching fish.

Start with the tip

Assembling the rod starts by extending the tip of the rod. We've provided alignment lines on each section to make assembly easier. Using the alignment guides ensures that your rod is lined up correctly.

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